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Steven Smith
ite:  http://NewStandUps.com/StevenSmith.htm
          Email:  StevenSmith
          Phone:  (770) 427-7039

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Refugee from Alabama. B.A. '92, J.D. '96,
S.O.B. 1970-Present

I was born and raised by wolves in the Great South Woods near Mobile, Alabama. I attended both public schools and private academies in and around Mobile and Tuscaloosa, Alabama until a clerical error led to my issuance of a diploma.

By virtue of another clerical slip-up, I was allowed to enroll in Auburn University after which I hacked into the school's computer system and awarded myself a B.A. in Economics (with HONORS, no less). I was locked up at the University of Alabama School of Law for three years and obtained parole in 1996.

I've been practicing law in the public and private sectors and making wise-cracks ever since.


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