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    NewStandUps.com is looking for funny, new comics for our homepage  If you are a stand up comedian who'd like to be featured on this site, there are three ways to participate:

      1. Get a Free Feature Listing on our homepage,
        using an existing video file that's already online.
      2. If you don't have a video online, we can help you
        with the details with our Listing Support Service.
      3. Get a dedicated web page and a vanity email
        address with our Premium Webpage Service.

Free Feature Listing

    If you'd like us to feature one of your performances on our home page,
    a Free Feature Listing is for you.  Here are the requirements

    • You must have an original comedy video that's already online and:
      • is yours (you are the license holder).
      • has decent video and sound quality.
      • does not exceed 10 minutes in length.
      • while it can be edited, it must be from the same performance.
      • it must be funny (i.e. get some laughs from the audience) !!!
    • You must give NewStandUps.com permission to use your video.
           Note:  You will still own all of your material, and be able to do
                    anything you want with it without any permission from us.

    Click here to get your Free Feature Listing

Listing Support Service

    If you need help with video conversions, account setup, file uploading, and listing setup, our Listing Support Service is for you.  For the low, one-time price of only $49, we'll take care of everything necessary to put your video online, and get it featured on our homepage.

    Click here to get help via our Listing Support Service

Premium Webpage Service

    For just $39.95 per year, you'll receive ...

    • an email address on our site, in your name
         i.e.  YourName@NewStandUps.com
                (forwarded to an email address of your choice)
    • a feature page on our site, in your name:
         i.e.   http://NewStandUps.com/YourName.htm
                 includes a Bio and links to your videos.
                 To see a sample web page, click here.

    Click here to take advantage of our Premium Webpage Service.

Or feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.



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